Pico de Gallo (Salsa Fresca) recipe

A classic and delicious recipe for the iconic fresh salsa.

Fun fact:’pico de gallo’ translates to ‘rooster’s beak.’ Some say that this is because people we naturally peck at it with their fingers (like a chicken) or because the chili pepper traditionally used looks a bit like the beak of a very spicy rooster.

With less liquid and more tasty diced vegetables than the widely used store-bought salsa in a jar this fresh salsa is a tasty and easy to make topping for your fredags taco. Bursting with fresh flavor it is a great addition any taco.

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Jumping into home brewing

Brisen Grisen hjemmebryggeri is now up and running! With the help of the friendly staff at our neighborhood home brew shop we have a very basic set up now bubbling away in the upstairs office. They recommended that we try an American IPA for our first brew. With any luck we should have our first batch ready to try in November.